• The church has the responsibility to bring the message of the gospel to the nations through the ministry of reconciliation.
  • Each member of the body of Christ has gifts that are useful in the ministry of the gospel worldwide and is called to be a missionary.
  • Short-term mission trips should be done with long-term vision for positive long-term impact.
  • Training and follow-up of short-term mission teams is critical to the success of the ministry and the team’s long-term benefit.
  • While we understand that much is gained within the team and the individuals on the team, a short-term mission trip is intended to give larger benefit to the indigenous people.
  • In serving the needy, specifically the widow, orphan, and alien of the world the church is fulfilling the heart of God.
  • God will use acts of love to bring about open hearts to the message of reconciliation in the gospel.
  • The local pastor is most responsible for equipping new believers to truly live their faith in Christ.
  • The local church, operating biblically, is the most effective platform of caring for people and building community.
  • We have a responsibility to equip, encourage, serve, and support the efforts of indigenous pastors, community leaders, and foreign missionaries as they work in their community.
  • We should utilize indigenous and foreign secular business or organization partnerships and programs to advance our projects.