Why Are We Involved?

Personal Answer:

We were called to the Dominican Republic to serve as Directors of an orphanage. We soon became very aware of the fact that orphans are a symptom of a larger problem – the brokenness of man. Although orphan care was new, we were veterans of ministry, having served 18 years in student ministry on several church staffs. We understood the brokenness of man.  After all, we ourselves were prime examples at one time and now live as reconciled and redeemed children of God – sinners saved by grace.

2 Corinthians 5:17-21 is the reality for us as followers of Jesus and the starting point of our calling to community development.

As those who have new life reconciled to God through Christ we have been trusted with the message of reconciliation. Those awakened have been charged to bring the life-giving message to the dead in Spirit. 2 Corinthians 5:16 speaks of confusion about who Christ is as a “mystery”, if you will.

Colossians 2:2-3 expresses our heart through Paul’s words:  So, our goal in the endeavor of Until They Know is: Proclaiming the Gospel of Christ – the message of reconciliation that exposes the mystery of God namely Christ Jesus that brings fullness to life, even bringing new life, unites all followers of Jesus that experience such transformation, and gives knowledge and understanding. This is the call and the heart of God laid out clearly by his son, followed by Paul and so many other believers and missionaries. Now, it is our honor to do so as well, Until They Know.


Organizational Answer:

Community is God’s desire for His children. He set up the church and the family as the primary communities of man, but all of us have other community as well. Until They Know, is committed to a Method and a Process in our approach to Community Development.  Being that we are all created for community or relating to others, we are created in the image of God. God is a community Himself, being 3 in 1 as the Trinity. Colossians 2:2-3 speaks of a unity of the believers; full joy coming in that union with God and others. The word community speaks to it, derived from the Latin words for common and unity. It is most closely represented in scripture through the word koinonea.Community Development must include bringing people to a place of common unity through the fellowship of the blood of Christ and new life; a bond to not be broken like the one of God between His children. As such, community comes only through reconciliation. This work of reconciliation is three fold:

  1. A reconciliation of the man of dead spirit with the God who created Him, died for Him because of love, grace, and justice. A reconciliation of man to one another – the product of understanding the reality of who all of us are – imperfect needy people, sinners desperate and dependent on a Savior.
  2. Then, bonded by the knowledge and understanding of the grace, love, and justice that reconciles us to God also reconciles us to one another in common unity by the blood of Christ.
  3. Lastly, man is reconciled to the world we live in by God. This world has been created for us by God to provide for our sustainability. Its resources as provided by the Creator, are life- giving to us. Our union with the world and God’s intent for us to work the land and live from the land matters greatly to the development of a community.