What is Community Development?

Our goal in CD is developing biblical community; the heart of God being manifest in a group of people. We believe it is a biblical approach to helping the needy without hurting their potential or self-worth. At the heart of this approach to missions is the belief that God has created all people in His image with spiritual gifts and a personality, and furthermore given each person a mind able to learn skills and abilities that lead to survival and sustainability. Our hope is that there would be a common unity among people that is generated through fellowship and open conversation, that enables all people to utilize their spiritual gifts, learned abilities, and personality to make significant contribution in partnership with others in the group.  This approach first builds hope through building community resulting in change or development to living conditions.  Following a specific process to share Christ and utilize tools of the village or town brings significant change to living conditions. This is not a quick fix, but instead requires a considerable effort of all working together for change.  It is also not about God bringing material blessings to all who believe in Him, but about lives and futures being changed through seeking first, His kingdom and His purposes here on earth.

In Colossians 2:2-3, Paul speaks of encouraging the hearts of the church in Laodicea to ensure that they are united in love until they know with all certainty and understanding of the mystery of God, namely Christ who holds the key to all wisdom and knowledge.

This is what is at the heart of our ministry – Until They Know.

Who are “THEY”? The people we are called to serve, starting first with the pastors in a given village or town and church leaders in North America. We see it as our role to help all see that the most productive means of impacting a community is not in rescuing where rescue is not needed; but instead building biblical community with churches with an evangelistic mindset leading the way. Understanding the culture, the history of the people, the desires of the people, and building trust is vital to the success of this approach to missions.