Our Approach

An investment of time and self is crucial to the process. Spending time building relationship, loving on the people, serving them, walking through difficulty with them, standing for the truth and teaching God’s Word among them, laughing with them, praying for and with them, and most importantly, showing ourselves to be the faithful are all crucial steps in the process.  These things coupled with genuinely expressing a heart for their perspective on their home, the culture they live in, and their dreams for the future result in trust being established. Trust is a two-way road and has to be present for the process to be effective.

For the past 3½ years the Jenkins and their staff have had the privilege to work on building that trust. They have been able to become a part of the villages. The Lord has afforded them opportunities to build deep relationships with Pastors, community officials, politicians, business owners, and the people as a whole. They have also had the opportunity to develop relationships with North American churches, European families, and other missionaries and organizations working in the area. These relationships will all be vital to bringing advancement to the process and seeing development occur and true community achieved.

As we walk with Pastors in the village and share the message of reconciliation, God gets ahold of a place. The pastors lead a village to develop biblical community and together they address needs one by one and see the mystery of common unity at work – just as God designed and desires us as His children to live.

The people we serve as missionaries have a lot to offer to this process. They have skills, local culture understanding, gifts and personality, all designed by a masterful creator. With our involvement, as we come in underneath all they have to bring into a situation, they are strengthened. When we offer partnership, not direction in a situation, needs can be  met in greater ways. As we introduce outside groups they are able to leverage all assets to usher in a new day of sustainability – a community developed.