The Challenge

How will you, your family, your church, or organization respond?

We as the body of Christ are called to the unity of love – by it we are identified as Christ Followwers. We live in Biblical Community by our commonality as sinners saved or reconciled to be set right with God and all of creation. Therefore, God is honored in how we care for one another; for orphans, widows, and aliens and how we reach out to the world and make disciples.In ministry or missions there is something for everyone. What is your gift, your ability, your passion? What burdens you?

Today all good investors want to make sound investments with a showing of strong returns. With the Lord’s work through Until They Know you are investing in the message of the mystery of God, Christ his Son and His plan for hope and future for all men. Your investment is into God’s Kingdom with certain return in being partnered with UTK and the Holy Spirit in honoring God, and furthering His kingdom to make His name more famous.

Each person’s investment is different – depending on the Lord’s leading. But no matter by what means the investment occurs, it should be sacrificial so as to test our faith and call on the power of the Lord.

How can you engage in a sacrificial investment into the kingdom of God, into developing biblical community and seeing lives transformed through sustainable living? Will you take the lead, make a move to be a part of the cutting edge of life-change and missions for the glory of God?

Contact Until They Know Director, Brad Jenkins for specific ideas on partnership.